Saturday, 29 June 2013


Here's the next playlist - this time it's songs that remind me of my days living in London.
Some of the best times of my life - not least of which the time I met my darling J there.
I surprised myself (and everyone else I think!) at how much I ended up loving living in London - it was a shaky, homesick, bumpy start - but once I had my bearings (that tube map makes SO much more sense after a few weeks) and had met some awesome friends who took me under their wing(s) - I really felt like I belonged in that big, bustling, crazy city.

For several reasons, none of which are that important or seem that valid now really - we decided to move back to Oz and start this phase of our lives here. But every time I hear one of these tracks - it takes me straight back to a messy night at the Spotted Dog or a chilled evening in my Irish boys' flat playing video games or our little hovel of a flat in Camden amongst the crack heads and punks or one of those glorious London summer days where the shock of the sun hitting your skin was enough to send you straight to the offy for a bottle of beer on your way home from work. Ahhhhh I miss you London :(

Hope you enjoy the mix as much as I do...
Biggest love S xx

1.  Wandering Eye - Fat Freddy's Drop              2. Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game
3.  Over and Over - Hot Chip                            4.  Funky Kingston - Toots and the Maytals
5.  The Sprout & the Bean - Joanna Newsom     6.  New Romantics - Laura Marling
7.   Pretty Little Thing - Fink                            8.   If You Got The Money - Jamie T
9.   Let It Die - Feist                                        10.  Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan                
11.  Fix Up, Look Sharp - Dizzee Rascal            12.  Cold Shoulder - Adele
13.  Hang Me Out To Dry - Cold War Kids          14.  Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
15.  Jackson - Johnny Cash and June Carter     16.  My, My, My - Armand Van Helden
17.  The Boxer - The Chemical Brothers            18.  All I Need - Radiohead
19.  Taper Jean Girl - Kings of Leon                 20.  Ghost Town - The Specials
21.  Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division        22. Second Chance - Liam Finn

ps don't forget the above are links to the songs so just click on the track to have a listen (via Youtube)
pps you can find my previous "grunge" playlist here


  1. You're the only other Australian I know who knows Fat Freddy's Drop! LOVE THAT SONG! We were always musically in tune :-)

  2. London misses you a lot xxx

    1. awww Miss Eva C - miss you too - hope you are well hun xxoo