Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vintage us! much of a babe is my Ma in this pic? (excuse the chubby faced, boy haired pudge face in the middle!) 
What a tops lady - the best bring-you-back-down-to-earth kinda chick you could ever want in your life. The backbone of our family. And a source of never-ending strength and determination that literally makes my head spin! 
I ain't even gonna hate that there isn't a "Kid's Day" - like I used to when I was younger - mothers like her deserve a day to be recognised for their hard work and perserverance.
I am just grateful that she is in my life. I am grateful that she is in a lot of peoples' lives.
When I look at this picture, I choose to not dwell on what I don't have - but relish in what I do have. And my family (and J's family) are something to be really thankful for.
To all my mummy friends, thank you for being the best examples I could ever want to learn from. You span the ranges from single parents, blended families, amazing partnerships and everything in between - but what you all are is inspirational. Y'all may not be my mum - but I am gonna say

(clearly my photoshop skills are as good as my "spraypainted macaroni artwork for mother's day" skills from pre-school) 
Sending all my love and light 

It gets a little harder 
with each and every year.
The loneliness, the guilt,
the pain and the fear.
On days like today
when it should be me as well,
no matter how hard i try
the tears begin to swell.
Yes, I can distract myself
with the care and love of others,
but really all I think about
is joining with those mothers.
How can I feel so much longing
for someone not even conceived?
the journey taking longer 
than i ever could have believed.
I may not have her in my arms or
that place filled in my heart
but baby, our bond is real
and was right from the start.
I have been watching those around me
to see just how they do,
so on the day we finally meet
I can be the best for you.
I am really good at making lists
and planning and taking care,
but this one is out of my hands
and patience mine to bear.
So baby, take your time -
I'll be ready for you, come what may, 
and looking forward to the year 
you make MY Mothers' Day.