about me

Hi! Welcome to thesproutandthebean!

I am Sara, a thirty something who loves to get handsy - not in the pervey way - but in the crafty way. I love to spend my spare time sewing, glueing, drawing, gardening, baking and creating. I intend on using this blog as a way to inspire me to make as much time as possible for gettin' handsy - and to share these projects with y'all.

I am also going to use this blog as a source of therapy as my husband and I go through our "fertility-challenged" baby makin' phase. I searched high and low in the blog-asphere for a site where I could get some plain talkin' advice and support on what we are going through - and came up fairly empty handed. So I will attempt to make sense of it all via the wonderful world wide web and see how we go.

I grew up in a small town on the North Queensland coast called Bowen. Beautiful, beachy, sleepy Bowen. I scarpered fairly early on to find a more exciting place to live - spent 4ish years in Townsville (ok so not that far away from Bowen, but it served its purpose) and 4 years in London - where I met my wonderful husband, J. After realising that we wanted to start a family - we realised that living in London would not be the ideal (after growing up in a town where doors weren't locked, weekends were spent on bikes and at the beach and everyone knew everyone's kids and kept an eye out for them - London very quickly lost on the best-place-to-raise-a-child scale). The intention was never to end up back in Bowen exactly, but 4 years and counting, a dog, two cats, a mortgage and a couple of job changes later - looks like we are here for the forseeable future anyways.

Our fertility drama only truthfully raised its ugly head around 12 months ago - when we FINALLY decided to admit there was something wrong and got some tests done. Since then we have had more unpleasants tests and examinations done that I care to recollect - and are no closer to the end prize. But we are now much more knowledgable about what COULD be wrong, what IS possible to try to help and where we go from here.

So you enter the journey at this juncture - 4 rounds of Clomid down (another 2 to go on the public health system) and the impending doom that may possibly be IVF. 

Thank you for taking the time to check me out - I am relatively new to this blogging thing - so please stick with me while I work out what the hell I am doing and try and give you a snapshot into the world of an Infertile Myrtle who loves to get her craft on.

Love S xx