Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vintage us! much of a babe is my Ma in this pic? (excuse the chubby faced, boy haired pudge face in the middle!) 
What a tops lady - the best bring-you-back-down-to-earth kinda chick you could ever want in your life. The backbone of our family. And a source of never-ending strength and determination that literally makes my head spin! 
I ain't even gonna hate that there isn't a "Kid's Day" - like I used to when I was younger - mothers like her deserve a day to be recognised for their hard work and perserverance.
I am just grateful that she is in my life. I am grateful that she is in a lot of peoples' lives.
When I look at this picture, I choose to not dwell on what I don't have - but relish in what I do have. And my family (and J's family) are something to be really thankful for.
To all my mummy friends, thank you for being the best examples I could ever want to learn from. You span the ranges from single parents, blended families, amazing partnerships and everything in between - but what you all are is inspirational. Y'all may not be my mum - but I am gonna say

(clearly my photoshop skills are as good as my "spraypainted macaroni artwork for mother's day" skills from pre-school) 
Sending all my love and light 

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